1979 - 2022 43 jaar Hybris


Hybris has emerged in 1979 when a group of growers, brought together by Hobaho, took over P. Nijssen Sr. tulips seedlings.  From this start are varieties like Verona, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Montreux, White Ideal, Lydia and Abbey dream emerged. This assortment is still relevant and in the years that followed expanded varieties originated from their own hybrids.

Hybris is always looking to improve the breeding range. Working tulips must meet increasingly selection by the expanding mechanization of cultivation and breeding. Criteria that appear still not feasible for many tulips despite a promising first presentation.

Reason for Hybris for growing a seedling until all of the properties, flowering and growth and sensitivities to Botrytis, Fusarium, and TVX, are known.

Therefore, introduction of new varieties takes longer but for the grower the advantage that the variety has been thoroughly checked. Therefore a seedling remains exhibited under the number untill the decision is taken to introduce the breed and request a name.

GROWING AND propagation

From 2004 are all growing and crossing activities take place on the holding of Ko Schilder in the Weere. Through growing all the material from the first propagation phase together to cultivate the same land, the selection of seedlings during flower production in winter and early spring is clear and not influenced by differences in cultivation area.

The shareholders of Hybris select the most promising numbers  and the further development of the selected seedlings is assessed at market breeding shows.

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